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About Original Pluff Mud Apparel 
Pluff mud is found along the Lowcountry marsh lines.  If you've ever been near the salt marshes of South Carolina, you've likely smelled the familiar scent endearing to the locals.  If you've been fishing in a tidal creek you may have even gotten stuck or lost a shoe to the mud!

Our Company produces unique apparel by dyeing it in pluff (or plough!) mud from Charleston, SC.  Once the apparel has been dyed, we screen print it with Lowcountry-themed designs.
We are based in Summerville, South Carolina, and enjoy life in the Lowcountry.  It is home to our families and our company, however anyone who has been to Charleston knows the bond between the locals and the coastal region is very strong.  That is what we represent, and our shirts reflect that by being made of the highest quality materials that can be purchased.  We hope you will like them too.